World Cancer
Day 2022.


4 February sees World Cancer Day observed around the globe. Here’s why it matters for your business.




This year’s theme is about closing the cancer care gap. But what does that mean?

The cancer care gap is a term used to describe any inequities in cancer treatment based on factors like income, age, gender, ethnicity, and more. This gap effects everyone, including you and your loved ones. But these barriers are not set in stone, and can be changed through better education around cancer care.


How does this affect your business?


You may have team members who have experienced or been directly affected by cancer. This World Cancer Day, aims to help to reduce the cancer care gap and keep your business informed of how you can help.

·     Guidance and support for line-managers to discuss cancer-related topics with team members.

·     Support and advice resources that you can tailor for your team.

·     Factsheets on how to help and support your business.

·     Articles, case studies and videos that you can share with your team.


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