With Private Medical Insurance each Insurer will have their own variation on what they believe is the best policy. Without expert guidance it is very difficult to find out which plan best suits your specific needs. That’s why our clients from across Leicestershire and the Midlands find our service invaluable, because we help to choose the policy that meets their requirements. Basically there are three levels of cover to choose from:


This policy will often only cover operations or to use the medical term inpatient or day-patient treatment. In addition MRI, CT & PET scans are covered plus some diagnostic tests, as well as inpatient radiotherapy & chemotherapy. What are not covered are Consultants fees and outpatient treatments. This type of policy will suit those who can afford to pay their own out-patient tests and Consultants fees from savings, leaving the policy to pay for the most expensive treatments, such as operations.


This policy covers full inpatient & Day-patient treatment, MRI, CT & PET scans, inpatient radiotherapy & chemotherapy and a range of out-patient treatments. Specialist consultations and diagnostic procedures, including pathology, radiology, X-rays are usually covered but up to a set limit, which varies between £500 – £2,000, depending on the insurer. Normally Therapies, such as treatment by registered Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Homeopaths and Acupuncturists will also be covered, again up to specified limits, which varies between insurers.


This policy will provide top-of-the-range healthcare solutions. They typically include full inpatient & day-patient cover, unlimited out-patient cover including a full refund for out-patient Consultants fees, MRI, CT & PET scans and other benefits such as psychiatric cover, travel cover, dental cover, nursing at home costs, chiropody, recuperative care and incidental hospital expenses (telephone calls, newspapers etc).

So to be sure that you find the best private medical insurance for your needs contact Regent Healthcare, the private medical insurance specialists for Leicestershire and the Midlands.